Workshops “PETROCHRO”

The PETROCHRO Workshops are international events organised every year along a topical line related to petrochronology. Each of this 2-4 day workshops aims either to make progress on a specific topic (private meeting) or to introduce to Master, PhD student and young researcher, specific advancements made in the field of petrochronology (public meeting). 

Upcoming events

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Past events

Modeling Local Phase Equilibria – An introduction to Theriak-Domino, XMapTools and Bingo-Antidote (website)

17-18 August 2019, Barcelona (SPAIN)

Organizers: Pierre Lanari & Erik Duesterhoeft
Melting, modelling, dating the crust (website)

3-5 June 2019, Potsdam (GERMANY)

Organizers: Silvio Ferrero & Pierre Lanari
PETROCHRONOLOGY: Methods and Applications (summer school CNRS, website)

18-20 September 2018, Sète (FRANCE)

Organizers: Bénédicte Cenki-Tok, Olivier Bruguier, Pierre Lanari, Emilien Oliot, José Alberto Padrón-Navarta & Françoise Roger
Quantitative Compositional Mapping of Geological Materials using XMapTools (website)

11-12 August 2018, Boston (USA)

Organizers: Pierre Lanari & Tom Raimondo
Quantitative compositional mapping thermodynamic modeling and petrochronology (info)

29-31 January 2018, Belo Horizonte (Brazil)

Organizers: Mahyra Tedeschi & Pierre Lanari
Petrochronology: Methods and Applications 2 (website)

20-21 October 2017, Seattle (USA)

Organizers: Matt Kohn, Martin Engi & Pierre Lanari
Petrochronology: Methods and Applications 1 (website)

22-23 April 2017, Vienna (Austria)

Organizers: Pierre Lanari & Matt Kohn
Bingo-Antidote: recent improvements in thermodynamic modelling (Private meeting)

27-29 July 2016, Institute of Geological Sciences, University of Bern (Switzerland)

Organizers: Pierre Lanari & Erik Duesterhoeft
Compositional micro-mapping using XMapTools

8-10 June 2015, Inst. of Earth and Environment Science, University of Potsdam (Germany)

Organizers: Amaury Pourteau & Pierre Lanari

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Thermobarometry in low-grade metamorphic rocks: Insights from thermodynamic modeling

20-22 October 2014, University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis (France)

Organizers: Chloé Loury, Pierre Lanari & Yann Rolland