Computers programs


New analytical techniques have recently come into play that transform raw electron microprobe X-ray images to maps of oxide concentration, which then are used to depict the spatial distribution of each mineral phase. I developed and I’m improving XMapTools (Lanari et al., 2014), a MATLAB©-based program for the X-ray and trace element LA-ICPMS images processing and thermobarometry. The data reduction involves several steps such as (i) analytical standardization, (ii) classification, (iii) structural formulae calculation and (iv) estimation of P-T conditions. In order to estimate P-T conditions of crystallization, XMapTools include a set of ~50 empirical and semi-empirical thermobarometry functions and can easily be coupled with forward (i.e. Gibbs free energy minimization) and inverse (i.e. multi-equilibrium) modeling calculations.


More information: XMapTools website



GRTMOD is a program used to model garnet growth and resorption in metamorphic rocks. The main routine of GRTMOD uses an inverse approach to fit the garnet compositions predicted by thermodynamic forward models with the one measured by the mean of standardized X-ray maps. The main goal of GRTMOD is to optimize pressure, temperature and the local effective bulk composition in order to accurately model the successive growth zones of natural garnet. The Gibbs free energy minimization is done with Theriak-Domino (link), originally  using the add-on TheriakD (link).


More information: GrtMod website


Bingo-Antidote (XThermoTools)

Primarily Bingo-Antidote can be described as an inverse Theriak (link), because it uses the information provided by XMapTools to calculate the most likelihood P-T equilibrium conditions for a given metamorphic assemblage. The new strategy combines the strengths of forward Gibbs free energy minimization models with the intuitive approach of inverse thermobarometry models. Bingo-Antidote is available as a standalone program, or embedded into XMapTools using the add-on XThermoTools. The *public* version of XThermoTools is not expected to be published before 2018-2019.



SSAC & Trinity

SSAC is a program for the SIMS data processing and TRINITY a program to process LA-ICP-MS data. These programs allows to calculate U-Th-Pb ages for Allanite and Zircon from SIMS and LA-ICP-MS spot-analyses. TRINITY was developed by M. Burn (PhD student, University of Bern).






Meamp is a program for for multi-equilibrium calculations using different thermodynamic datasets and solid solution models. This program allows standard state properties and solid solution parameters adjustement by nonlinerar regression using experimental or natural data. A description of Meamp is available, in french, in my Ph.D. thesis (download here). This program is not available for public use.