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Welcome on my webpage. I am a scientist working at the Institute of Geological Sciences (Un iversity of Bern). Here you can find research material (articles, computer programs) and a collection of personal pictures. Enjoy your visit.

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Google stats: > 600 citations; h = 14; i10 = 18

Articles: 44 peer-reviewed papers published or in press; c. 15 papers in review/prep. Underlined names are students. ** Work done by a PhD student that is first author; I was the lead advisor for this paper. † = ≥ 25 citations; †† = ≥ 50 citations (GS).

Books: 1 peer-reviewed book published; 2 book chapters published; 1 book and 3 book chapters in review/prep. 

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Highlighted paper(s)

  • Lanari, P., Vho, A., Bovay, T., Airaghi, L., Centrella, S., (2018). Quantitative compositional mapping of mineral phases by electron probe micro-analyser. Geological Society of London Special Publication, DOI:10.1144/SP478.4 pdf-outline, pdf
  • Lanari, P., & Engi, M. (2017). Local bulk composition effects on metamorphic mineral assemblages, Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry, 83, 55-102.  pdf-outline, pdf
  • ** Airaghi, L., Lanari, P., de Sigoyer, J., Guillot, S. (2017). Microstructural vs compositional preservation and pseudomorphic replacement of muscovite in deformed metapelites from the Longmen Shan (Sichuan, China). Lithos282-283, 262-280. pdf-outline, pdf
  • Raimondo, T., Payne, J., Wade, B., Lanari, P., Clark, C., Hand, M., (2017). Trace element mapping by LA-ICP-MS: assessing geochemical mobility in garnet. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 172, 17. pdf-outline, pdf

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Research interests & CV


Metamorphic petrochronology: Analysis of phase relation, thermobarometry and in situ geochronology in order to solve fundamental problems in the fields of:

  • Determination of P-T-t-d paths of individual samples
  • Micro-mapping technique: development and improvement of XMapTools software
  • Petrogenesis of metamorphic rocks and scale of equilibrium domains: local bulk composition measurements and inversion of forward thermodynamic models (programs: Bingo-Antidote & GRTMOD)
  • Thermodynamic properties and models of complex solid solutions; kinetics and phase equilibria
  • Micro-dating techniques: LA-ICP-MS and SIMS measurements (U-Th-Pb, allanite, monazite and zircon)
  • Geodynamic and structural evolution of orogenic belts: Internal western Alps (Briançonnais, Sesia and Liguro-Piémontais zones) and Himalaya (Western syntaxe)

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Computers programs


New analytical techniques have recently come into play that transform raw electron microprobe X-ray images to maps of oxide concentration, which then are used to depict the spatial distribution of each mineral phase. I developed and I’m improving XMapTools (Lanari et al., 2014), a MATLAB©-based program for the X-ray and trace element LA-ICPMS images processing and thermobarometry. The data reduction involves several steps such as (i) analytical standardization, (ii) classification, (iii) structural formulae calculation and (iv) estimation of P-T conditions. In order to estimate P-T conditions of crystallization, XMapTools include a set of ~50 empirical and semi-empirical thermobarometry functions and can easily be coupled with forward (i.e. Gibbs free energy minimization) and inverse (i.e. multi-equilibrium) modeling calculations.


More information: XMapTools website

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